This place is odd these days. You get mocked for posting secret conspiracies because they aren't proven. You get mocked for posting proven conspiracies because they aren't secret.

and comes up with solutions.

I mean, did you believe "a solution" to the vaccine debate would come from reddit? For example, i've come to the logical end point that vaccines are fine despite the small chance of side effects. I've vaxxed my son and will continue to based on the CDC schedule.

Because these are preventable diseases and schools can be breeding grounds for sickness, I believe vaccines should be mandatory for public school students. Private schools can choose whatever, just like the nursery I chose for my son, which mandates vaccines for all children attending.

For those who have medical conditions preventing them from getting a vaccine, then they should be exempt from the requirement and will likely do better in a school with mandatory vaccination due to herd immunity during school hours.

So, back to my point, what solution would I try to work on with someone who is convinced vaccines are not as effective as I believe?

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