I plagiarised an episode of Futurama in my Year 6 SATs and I've lived with the shame and fear of being caught ever since.

Mate, I plagiarized a Dexter's laboratory episode in my entry exam for uni.

I wanted to study Journalism and the written exam was basically "Write a story on this topic" and the topic was "Us and them", vaugely related to the Pride parade happening at the time.

I knew the examiners would be tired of stories about pride ir any other class differences or any political topic AT ALL, so I wrote about us, the dogs, and them, the humans.

There's this episode where Dexter develops a pill that gave human voice to his dog learn why is it barking at a machine. The reason was "aaah it is a machine."

So yeah - I wrote six pages of trying to rationalize human behaviour through the eyes of a dog that just wants to bark at things.

Got the best grade, got into Journalism school, got my diploma, got some specializations and now I'm among the top earners in my country because of my experience in a very specific field of journalism.

TLDR: Me too, bro

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