*PLEASE HELP* 6 months, but serious relationship... girlfriend [23/f] does not give me [25/m] blowjob, and I feel very hurt. Please read background, and let me know how you think I should approach/respond

Another note... I have not made too big a deal of it... I tell her things along the lines that "it doesn't really matter" and "I don't need it" and "she does fulfill me sexually/etc." whenever she says things like "I wish I could do something/show you how much I care/love you..." just because I don't want to force her or suggest it to her if she really doesn't like to/want to, or cannot even think to on her own... but it does make me feel sad most of the time, when usually after this, we just move on/etc... sometimes I just go down on her, and that's it, or we have sex and she gets off and that's it.. sometimes I don't feel as bad getting off early because I want to get off too, but then I do later because I want her to get off, even if she did later from other means (fingering/me going down on her)... and with that said, I just want to address this so I know and move on or actually get progress/etc... I don't want to leave this up in the air/etc. and feel worried about drinking or "losing full control/consciousness" and thinking about or fooling around in any way to get this attention/sexual "need/desire" of mine.... I guess it's that important to me, and so I want to express that... I would never consciously cheat on a parter, and would never do anything to intentionally hurt her in any way, but I am just worried... remember, we didn't force this relationship and didn't just hop in it to be in one, we did because we really care about each other for the plethora of non-aesthetic/sexual reasons too... but I am not one to be clingly or force a relationship/etc.--but I do really, really care about her. Thank you for your listening and input.

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