Poll: How many in TRP really think women are inferior?

Exactly. And the funny thing is, in terms of Sexual Market Value, a woman following the steps of a man in terms of standards does not improve her SMV. In fact, it limits her choices in men. The same would go for men who follow the steps of a woman in terms of standards. He would lower his SMV and have less choices in women.

The driving force to why human beings are the superior race on Earth is because of this social phenomenon. The more successful a man is in terms of the male standard, the more attractive he is, and the more women he can attract. This means men must cultivate success by being the explorers, inventors, conquerors, etc. of history, which helped improve human civilization as a whole. The more successful a woman is in terms of the female standard, the more attractive she is, and the more men she can attract. This means women must cultivate success by properly maintaining families, being the caring one of the parents, and raising the children to be great human beings in the future.

Like /u/couchpotatocarl has said, feminists are ashamed of femininity and covet the male standard of success. While today's societal and technological advancements allow women to pursue the male standard of success, it does not increase their SMV but only lowers it.

This is why in Japan, the birth rate is now LOWER than the mortality rate. Japan is largely feminist despite all the sexual shit we see in the media from Japan. Women there tend to be more in line with the male standard of success, which causes them to have less options in men. The fewer options in men, the less likely they will be able to find a mate. The men in Japan tend to not be attracted to these women because these women have spent their entire lives on being 'financially successful' without improving their feminine traits, thus causing them to like anime girls than real women. After all, anime girls tend to be OVERLY feminine, which is an ATTRACTIVE trait.


Don't be like Japan.

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