[Potential Spoilers for All Shows] The Wreddit Daily Discussion Thread - April 05, 2020

I accept I'm in the minority but personally I didn't love the Boneyard match, I appreciate the hell out of the cinematography, set pieces and overall effort, though it just wasn't for me. I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I couldn't take Undertaker seriously anymore as strange as that sounds. I preferred this over any of his most recent matches since it did a great job hiding Marks weaknesses and they tried making him look a badass again, it just didn't land for me. I was laughing when Taker was on the floor wheezing like Moleman being hit in the groin.

I hope they keep this kind of out there match for future PPV's and feuds.

I am pumped for Brock/McIntyre and Cena/Fiend though.

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