Pretty sure I got turned down by all of the Big4. They're the only firms I applied to. Now what?

Well,I went from B4 to a big company and soon to a small firm which is probably career suicide for most accountants.

I've been pretty over the whole chasing after the same things as other people mentality for a while though.

I know a girl who studied international relations and started her owm web design company right after university. She is the CEO and owner now and she has designed huge websites for large companies. A girl from my high school never even used her degree which was in IT and instead left to become a freelance travel agent. She runs tour packages daily and travels all over the world for work. None of them ever worked for the B4 or equivalent of their industries and are both pretty successful to me.

I guess my point is, it doesn't really matter where you work,it is whether you feel like you are growing and if the opportunities to grow don't happen for you then maybe it's time to start a new thing. I always thought I would want to climb the ladder and I know it's probably still the safest path but I no longer know if it's the path I will take. But sometimes you just have to enjoy the ride and hope you get out fine the other side.

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