Problems with Religion

Naturally they require faith. However....

I sincerely think that's foolish and dangerous. If you don't question what you are told

May I be honest and risk downvotes?

I sincerely believe that a lot of Atheists, at least in the west, are coming from a background of domineering Catholic or Baptist parents and this colors their perception of all religion. Thus the less intelligent of your membership will show up on this sub every few months with "Why I think Religion is terrible" posts that are essentially just long winded tirades against the failings of the Catholic Church.

However this is not the case universally (For context - When I say universally I mean in regards to all religions, no matter how big or small. Not in terms of Islam and Christianity combining to make up about 60% of the religious population.)

For example...

If you don't question what you are told

While I can't provide statistics, I am pretty sure that most Asatrurar are converts. Thus are we not inherently questioning what we were "told"?

I wasn't told to start believing in the old Nords Gods and trying to follow the old religion (In so far as we can piece it back together).

I don't base my beliefs in the Norse God's on scientific evidence but.... Again risking downvotes, atheists really need to deflate the boner they've got going for science.

If someone asks me why I love this cake, I'm not going to throw some scientific thesis at them examining the way texture and flavor interact with my tastebuds and shit to explain why I like it. I'm just going to say something to the effect of "It tastes good."

Likewise, I follow my religion because I find it satisfying and fulfilling. There are a few elements to that (Which I could explain if asked, similar to how I could explain why I like the taste of cake if asked) but that's the jist of it.

I enjoy my religion. I don't follow it because I have scientific proof of it's legitimacy. Not everything in life has to be rooted in thoroughly reviewed scientific evidence explaining why you should or should not do something. Some times people simply do things they enjoy.

Now. To the biggest piece.

So they are all faith based.

In so far as I believe in the Gods as literal beings? Yes.

The thing is this. That is only one part of the religion. If you go to /r/Asatru, words like "The tribe" and "community" and "family" and "ancestors" are going to come up just as often, if not more often, than "The Gods".

The Gods are just one part of the religion. Even if you could definitively disprove their existence, the religion would endure quite easily.

There is already an Atheistic faction that believes that they are metaphors for nature and the human psyche. It would probably shape up to look like that and they'd get to be really fucking smug for a long time.

But the focus of the religion isn't on the faith claims. They are just one part of it in whose absence the religion could easily endure.

you can be persuaded to believe and do anything, good or evil.

There is an old joke. "Find three Heathens who agree on anything and you have a Kindred."

Good luck persuading a Heathen of anything if it doesn't fit with their practice.

I realize this is super individual and naturally, your arguments apply quite well to the major religions.

But when you speak of religion in broad terms, I think you open the door to every fringe group like my own, not simply the ones with the prerequisite membership count.

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