PSA: p l u g s are people too.

If you're not making money/you get caught, then youre a shitty plug? Lmfao it's not that hard of a concept. Can't take the heat get out of the kitchen. And this is coming from someone who has never done drugs, I'm just a lurker of this sub because I find it interesting. So no, Im not saying this as an addict that has a bias against plugs.

However I do ONLY respect plugs who never cut their shit/dilute it. In modern times they are few and far in between. Many people at the highest levels of drug trafficking cut their shit with fent. If you've ever diluted your shit, cut it with fent or other gross shit, you deserve whatever karma comes your way and I don't feel sympathy for you at all. You can rot in prison forever for all I care, because when you put fentanyl in people's shit youre pretty much guaranteeing their death.

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