PSA: In recent complain about windows, here is a collection of Scripts which disable / remove Windows 10 Features and Apps

You're the one that is painting a picture of who I am and how I engaged with the community.

If you have evidence to support your admitted assumption, that's well and good.

But your reaction to my post is exactly what I was talking about. You guys (the Linux users I have communicated with) are hyper defensive and assuming the worst about "outsiders" is baseline.

Now you expect me to defend myself when I have done nothing to make you believe that I'm a volitile person or even hostile to the software.

That is why I didn't get further with my Linux use and went back to windows. So the claim that someone can customize Linux to their liking should come with a caveat that you better know how on your own or Linux users like yourself will assume the worst of you.

You proved my point, and I am fairly certain how you're gonna respond, so let's just part ways. You like linux and that's fine. I actually like it too, but windows works better for me.

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