Psyonix, the Play menu isn't it.

Agreed! And they almost definitely will use us to tweak and improve.

Many months ago they had an actual art developer come on here to ask what changes specific to garage and inventory people would want. Then Devin or Corey explained changes were coming later in the year but never specified on what or when, other than changes and improvements. I can try to find the posts. It was the one thing I was actually looking forward to with the menu changes but then... nothing. :(

We gotta remember that even though Rocket League is big, Psyonix is still a small company. And sure, Epic owns them now, but that doesn’t mean they suddenly are huge or have the money/employees of epic at their disposal. So minor oversights are fairly expected.

I will agree though, flat out removing features such as remembering preferences and quickplay... that’s fairly inexcusable even for a company of Psyonix size.

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