Puff, puff, catatonia for preppy noob

I had the most intense weed experience of my life the other night. I have no idea what the fuck, I honestly used to smoke all day every day when I was younger, but since I got pregnant I smoke on average once or twice a month (if that) and I only take a hit or two because it really doesn't take much for me anymore.

Well, the night before last I smoked the last bit of some that my dad had given me, and I guess I was feeling pretty brave because I took 5-7 hits on the bowl. I was fine for a while, but when I went to lie down and go to sleep I realized that I was becoming more and more high and it was causing a panic attack. Now, I am a little bit manic at the moment as well so that contributed a lot. So I try my best to ignore it and just go to sleep, and I succeed, only to have the worst dream/sleep paralysis of my life.

I don't even know how to explain it. I woke up (or dreamed I did) and there was a huge, scary, anthropomorphic dog (hell hound) sitting next to me and looking down on me. It was at this point that I realized that I was tripping balls. He said something to me and I completely freaked out and I tried my hardest to move, which resulted in just little twitches in my arms and legs after a lot of exertion. But once I was finally able to actually move my limbs, the most euphoric feeling flooded my body, like a body-gasm. Then I woke up. It was fucking surreal. I probably will not be smoking any more any time soon. It honestly reminded me of DXM, and I'm starting to wonder if it wasn't due to some weird mold or something. I mean, my dad grew that so I know there weren't any chemicals on it. But it was old. I had had it for a long time, and I had put it in an old medicine bottle with a damp q-tip to keep it from drying out. I may have inadvertently dosed myself.

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