Puppy blues or legit concern? Struggling with severe anxiety with my 11 week old pup

Hi, I have OCD and found it very difficult at the beginning. I was very reluctant to have a pup in the house, never mind two. How that happened is a long story. But I’ve seen a real improvement with my OCD as a result of having these little whirlwinds around. In the beginning, they were so unpredictable and everything terrified me. Too much food/not enough food. Did they eat something that I missed because I’d been careless etc. Everything was a sign that something was wrong with them and the checking was non stop. I was in a state of permanent panic. But then...it eased. The more time I spent with them, the easier it got. I love training them and seeing them learn new things. We’re hitting adolescence now, and some things have changed but they’re such wonderful, funny little fluff balls that it doesn’t seem too bad, even when they’re being little terrors. In general, my OCD has really improved by having them around. The only thing is, they’ll snooze on other people but for me, every time they see me, it’s playtime (Grandma Go Time)!! So I don’t get many snuggles. But their giddy little faces make me laugh, so I don’t mind so much.

I would echo what other people have said about going out. I didn’t in the beginning but now I do. Also, crate naps have been a dream. When they go for a nap, leave them. Let your little one sleep. Go out, or do something you enjoy. They’ll be better for it and so will you once you’ve rested. Good luck ❤️

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