Racism in School(Rant)

I can relate. Im a dark skinned tejano, born and raised here in America as my forefathers before me. Everything about me is indigenous to North America. Ive also served my country from 2010-2014. In my experience since I was a kid until now has been a spectrum of treatment. Regardless of how people view you or think of you, you have to maintain your frame and kill them with kindness every time. People fear what they dont understand and if youre different than them youre going to get treated differently. Thats just the way the world is. Be stronger, be better. Stop allowing other people to influence what you believe. Its part of life. Youre not going to fix anything, just understand it is the way it is. To keep it 100 with you, people hold themselves back mentally than actually being held back in real life. White people are cool peoples and I've learned so much from them as a demographic. A POS is a POS regardless of what theyre skin color is or where theyre from. Peace!

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