Randians who studied/study abroad, where did you go and what are you upto now? [NP]

  1. I got my bachelors from a decent college in India(Warangal,Telangana) wrote GMAT/TOEFL. I scored way better in GMAT/TOEFL than my bachelors. got admit into a university in USA, not an Ivy League school
  2. The whole experience of doing my MBA taught a lot about me and the world. i fallowed the crowd till i got my bachelors, it was in the last 2yrs of my bachelors degree I realized what i like and what i want to do. looking back i do think its a good idea, i was able to experience a whole new culture and it was an interesting experience and still is.
  3. I got where i am is a tale of, a little hard work, little patience, being in the right place at the right time( I also call this as Luck). my biggest strength is I don't mind failing at what I do and madly believe in myself. STORYTIME: My dad all thru his adult life tried and failed numerous times in different businesses, mom used to suggest him to stop experimenting, i was may be 10-11 yrs old and he was watching a Telugu movie on the TV and said, "look vertualReality this hero has 12 flops movies till now, the day he stops trying he will die as an actor". and left. Till date none of my dad's experiments took off due to various factors, but he paved the way for me to try different things.
  4. I live in Midwest of USA now and work as a Business Systems Analyst for a fortune 500 company.
  5. Even though i lived in India for 23yrs for various reasons(Money is the main) I only visited Bangalore and Hyderabad part of school trips and Chennai for a US visa. My interaction with "INDIANS" was in US. I met Gujarati's , Punjabi's, Marathi's, Tamilian's, Malayali's and my fellow Telugu people, I went to school with them and work with them. All decent and passionate people. We as people North or south/ East or west are no different. When ever i see gross generalization in media or here on /r/india i hate it. The whole rape documentary week, I was reluctant to even open /r/india and also the religion stuff. Again i just tell myself, this is reality this is what people what to talk and are talking. Their is no perfect world and I move on
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