Reddit, what's your bad experience with a roommate/dormmate?

My cousin and I had a house and everything just fine until she gets a text from someone she knew from her NA group. The text said that she was kicked out of the place she'd been living and was looking for a room. I immediately said that we don't need anyone else here. She said well we will have extra money because of the rent. I shut up and later that night she shows up. I did not like her from the word go and she tried too hard. time goes by and I am miserable because I cant get away from her and then i was really sick and barely could get out of bed. To my horror she was tending to me and being really nice. Dammit i had to be nice to her. So after that I gave her a break and would talk a little bit with her and just as I suspected she took it way too far and I was the bad guy again. Then shit started missing. Small things like my cousin's coin jar and then other things started appearing. She brought me a nice new corkscrew. I asked her where she got it because she wasn't paying rent because she didn't have money. She said that she cleaned a lady's house and she told her she could have it because she had two. Never really thought more about it. Then one morning she comes in my room and said that it looks like someone had broken into my car because there was stuff all over the seat. I go check and it was the stuff from my console and it was just in my seat. I didn't have anything worth stealing and I guess whoever noticed. So I was putting it up and I remembered that I had an iPod in my glove box and I checked and it was there. So I was telling my cousin about it and we laughed at the dummy. The next day I was babysitting my niece and my cousin called and told us to look for her wallet that she had $400 in it and she couldn't remember the last time she had it. i told her that she had it on Monday when we went to eat. We couldn't find it anywhere. Then my nieces mother pulls up to get her and she sees something in the grass and it is my cousins wallet. No money but id and everything else was in it. The roommate had flown out of town to visit her family for a week. The next day I got a thought and I went to my car and opened the glove box and my iPod was gone. Things were starting to add up and paint a little picture but I was not going to say anything without definitive proof. My cousin was adamant that she was stealing and I said then kick her out. She would talk major shit about the roommate but when she was there she pretended to be her friend. Which I didn't and never had so I was the bad one

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