Religion shouldn’t be involved in healthcare

Not the response I was expecting, but doesn't mean that it was a bad response.

I understand how that experience would promote pro choice. I did 100% want that baby and wanted a healthy pregnancy.

You're missing the point, however. Which is that young pregnant women face a lot of hate, even when they're actually trying to birth and raise that life.

I already had three miscarriages. They were seeing ages and 18 and 21, and I was in very serious relationships over the years that would have been good homes for baby. I'm just tired of life.

Guess what? I am not with any of those guys or for those years.

I'm married to a man for 15 years now after being together for 20. Sadly, we have not been able to have children together. Those babies that my body made and with his help put together, never came to fruition.

Please don't recommend options, please understand for the last 15 years We have explored everything available to us. Not simply not in the cards for us, and we have accepted that.

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