'Right to Record' bill addresses citizens' right to film law enforcement

Twice in Winnipeg I've been harassed by the police for filming them, one time resulted in a broken phone.

First time happened while two officers started harassing a friend for sitting on a public bench with a puppy. They said they were getting complaints about the dog barking and being aggressive. Up to this point the dog was fine and barked at maybe three random things in the past hour, but now these two cops were right in his face, so it's understandable that he got upset and was barking. They then refused to let my friend leave until their supervisor and animal control showed up, threatening to take the dog and arrest/ticket my friend the entire time. I think they noticed me filming once the other cops showed up, and the supervisor came right over to me and slapped my phone out of my hand. They said they were going to take it under the pretense of it being 'evidence of an ongoing investigation' which seemed like a nice little loophole. They spent half an hour threatening us and yelling at us before they finally just gave my friend a ticket and gave me back my phone and just let us go on our way, but my phone never turned on again. They didn't care at all and refused to give us names or badge numbers and just left.

maybe six or so months later I was at a pizza place in the Village, and two cops were bugging some girl sitting on the sidewalk trying to get her to let them search her back pack. After a while they just dumped out the bag regardless of whatever she was saying, and one of them told me I had to 'move on' because I was just standing there filming. I got myself another piece of pizza so I became a customer and could 'legitimately' sit on their bench and film more. They were bugging the girl still and after a while one guy came back over to me and started telling me to stop filming and giving me all the usual excuses. After a while he gave up and they once again just gave her a ticket and then left.

I'm PRETTY sure I still have the video of the second incident, so I'll upload it to youtube or whatever if I do.

I don't really know how it is in other cities, but in Winnipeg the cops definitely have and use (or try to) a bunch of loopholes that make 'the right to film police' a moot point.

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