The royal scum killed Diana because she was dating an arab and was pregnant on top of that. They did that in France because France is the place of choice for MI6 operations.

Every single border in the Middle East (specifically talking about between Egypt/Iran & Turkey/KSA) is a foreign imposed, 'artificial' line. Now, all borders are artificial. But my point is, these didn't form naturally as a result of the Arabs own history or self-determination but rather were put on them by a few European chaps in the span of a short few years.

If you look at some of the lines and how they are specifically drawn (intentional marginalization), it really doesn't take a conspiracy theorist to figure out whats going on. They are all made so as to not allow any state to become too powerful, and that there has been so much chaos over these borders is so fucking obvious. I could write a book on the affects these borders have had, and I could rattle of a list of actions taken by The West since that fact to enforce this marginalization that would take up the character limit.

But I'll give you the most simple breakdown. If the Middle East united today, and behaved geo-politically as they have for most of human history (Pan-ethnic confederations/Empires vs Insular nation states) it would completely shake up the Status Quo. The Status Quo don't want this. And suddenly, a lot of Western Foreign Policy makes sense. Now look, if you believe this is proper and acceptable, since there is no room for morals in RealPolitik, I wont argue that. But please don't act like this is a fucking conspiracy theory.

To me the saddest part is the ignorants here in the US, particularly the South where I'm from, believe the chaos in the Middle East is cus Arabs are just hot blooded barbarians who like to kill each other. Its cus of Islam, not the geo-political realities of the region. And thus, our actions are justified of course. This folks is why ignorance can literally be deadly, as the Iraq War for example demonstrated. And they called us conspiracy theorists for calling a spade a spade in the beginning, for not buying the neo-cons bullshit hook line and sinker. We were 'un-American' for not supporting injustice perpetuated off ignorance. In the end we all lost except for the MIC. Our taxpayers lost, our soldiers lost, and those Iraqi...they lost a little bit too. But now I'm just ramble-venting so I digress.

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