Russia has accused Poland of engaging in a "mockery of history" after the Polish foreign minister credited Ukrainian soldiers, rather than the Soviet Red Army, with liberating Auschwitz 70 years ago

It is hilarious that his post is a top comment on Reddit, but I assume that majority of people saw wall of text and "we are all brothers" sentiment so they upvote it.

Explanation: macioman post is the propaganda repeated over and over again since end of the war. Grzegorz Schetyna, who told about Ukrainian liberation, is stupid and he just speaks what other members of our goverment want.

Nobody is denying the fact that hundreds of thousands ZSSR citizens died on Polish soil, but for our nation it wasn't liberation: it was transition from one totalitarian state to another, which stopped murdering people because they were jewish or slavic, but they started murdering them because they were not communists. Red Army soldiers were an army of another enemy, just like Wehrmacht was

We know that average Red Army soldier had to fight and wasn't communist fanatic. They had to sacrifice their lives in war or else they would be killed with their families by NKWD. Individual soldiers weren't opressors to Poles, but they bring the system which was opression for our nations for almost 50 years.

And the "facts" about "slavic brotherhood" is literally the soviet propaganda from the 40'-50'. Where was this brotherhood when they've killed Polish officers- POW in Katyń, Starobielsk and Ostaszków a few years earlier? Why this slavic brotherhood vanished when they've reached the Wisła river and stopped, so Germans could easily kill the civilians and guerilla fighters fighting in Warsaw Uprising? It was Stalin who encouraged them via Radio Moskwa to start uprising, with promises of incoming help from Red Army, and then waited and let Germans destroy our capital and kill 200 000 people, so he could easily estabilish puppet politicians and institution without internal resistance.

Maciomacio post's repeats the same lies as usual. Poles wan't Red Army memorials to be moved into Red Army cementaries in Poland instead of them remaining in the city centres as a symbol of counquest. No sane person is denying historical facts about Red Army death counts, but they weren't fighting to free our country, but to counquer it and make a puppet state. It is both funny and sad how you people are easily manipulated by an old propaganda post.

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