‘It’s time to reopen our city’: N.Y.C. mayor lifts a school mask mandate and indoor vaccination rules.

All you did was meander around about your opinion of vaccinations lowering the (already comically low) chances of being hospitalized by covid for the average person. You did not respond to how vaccines stopped the spread of Omicron, because they didn't. Almost everyone I know who got tripple vaxxed for it tested positive, and many of them got sick with wildly fluctuating reports of the degree of how sick they were. All data points to vaccines being completely ineffective at stopping the spread. Look at every country, every state, etc.

Why should we have mandates? What is the point? Why should somebody be forced to get a vaccine if it doesn't serve any greater good other than on an individual level? Vaccine mandates only exist to punish people you don't agree with politically, as they have always been.

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