[S5][E6] An open letter to anyone and everyone who is offended by the latest episode and feel the show is suddenly too gratuitous.

I don't think it's worth continuing this conversation. I analyse and critique arguments in my professional life and I'm confident that none of your characterizing assertions about what I've said are true. Some of these assertions even seem incoherent with one another. I also have a growing confidence that it's not worth discussing these things further here. You've now repeatedly misapprehended both my arguments and the arguments of the author I quoted. Despite repeated clarifications, you still assert that:

your arguments (specifically that it doesn't advance the story, wasn't necessary, that it felt redundant and lazy, that she was used cheaply) are still just restated opinions very weakly supported by any rational argument


I'm hearing a lot of circular reasoning and very little evidence

I think that both of these claims are baseless, and that a critical reading what I've said here (and of what I linked to) should not lead one to arrive at these conclusions. For instance, I never claimed that the scene necessarily didn't advance the story. Only that in the ways it could advance the story it would do so in an onerous way, that could be better managed by showing the aftermath of the rape rather than the act itself. The act is merely rape, but the aftermath is where there's opportunity for rich character development etc. Nor did I claim that the scene merely felt redundant and lazy. I think that the scene is redundant and lazy, and that I've provided substantial analysis to support that claim. I also didn't say that Sansa was used 'cheaply', whatever that means. I said that the scene lacks some of the most important things that make good television good, and that it relies heavily on an audience's trust that it hasn't earned.

Your comment about circular reasoning is particularly troubling. In my head I've sketched all the arguments that I've presented on this board in the past two days. None of them are circular. They may depend on a false premise - that's a point of legitimate contention - but none of them are circular. So I can only surmise that you're not reading me in a productive manner.

If you're curious what else I have to say about the scene I suggest you look at my comment history. I've covered, in those comments, the issues you seem to think are most important in some detail. I'm done with this particular conversation.

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