'Saturday Night Live' Writer Michael Che Slams Unfunny Comedy Culture

Why even have reviews, or categories, or advice, or knowledge, or learning of any kind, if the only way to understand something is to experience it first hand?

Anybody can produce those things, so you have to ask yourself what makes those things valuable -- what differentiates a valuable review from a shitty one. I'm not saying we shouldn't have reviews, advice, knowledge, learning, etc. I'm saying that the people doing the reviews should have first-hand experience with the thing they're reviewing. All of us can watch the 1-minute trailer like Che. That doesn't give anyone the information they need to make the statements Che made.

The value of a review is that someone spent the time we haven't and they can summarize what they experienced and combine that with their knowledge about the subject (comedy) to help us make a decision about whether the product (nanette) is something we would like. Che didn't do that. He just did the second part and used his knowledge of comedy in general but without the first part -- the first-hand experience with the thing we want to know more about.

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