Senate Passes Budget Resolution, Vice President Harris Breaks Tie

you have a tendency to belittle ideas of others, do you ever express optimism? the majority of people whether you believe it or not will generally act with a pure heart, rather than argue so abrasive, why don't you rather ask questions and offer debate rather than attempting to jump in and completely invalidate claims without offering any context? this is the third political sub i am in that i just randomly found a comment from you. you offer the same tone in every argument and attempt to word a statement as if what you're saying is completely factual by using false confidence when anyone with an ounce of knowledge could easily belittle and refute any argument you have to offer. why are you always trying to convince people to be pessimistic and be discouraged that their efforts are resulting in nothing? why do you belittle people consistently that explicitly express concern in a manner that is on the surface and generally deep down made with good conscious? do you ever ponder, that youre so arrogant with your ideology? id actually love to debate you on literally anything, politics especially because you're always using your words to attempt to persuade with nothing to offer on why your words should hold any amount of credibility. you're always trolling in political groups, and belittling people, you're consistently demoralizing people and all but directly telling people their voice is irrelevant to the big picture, does not matter, is just morally wrong. you speak your own personal implications as if it is factual, and you attempt to word your statements to demoralize. i have saw now, you post messages with a similar message, as someone with a psychology degree, its very clear your missive, you're trying to push yourself as so confident, in hopes that maybe your deranged and demented approach is basically right. you're trying to manipulate people as if you have a conjecture to offer, by using words in a exploiting manner to appear as someone who can't be refuted yet you offer no substance.

this is the 3rd political sub i have seen you post with this same arrogant pessimistic counterfeit narrative that our voice is powerless and will accomplish nothing. in these communities we just want to make progress yet you ride in acting as if you are all knowing and above everyone, while abusing speech tactics to manipulate people into giving you any credibility because by your track record you dont really offer much other than a divisive claim that typically belittles and discourages those who want to make the right changes.

i offer a proposition, if you have the courage. message me and debate me personally, doesn't even have to be political. i want to prove to you a logical flaw in your thought process, and your approach. and honestly, if you refuse, ill call you out every time i see you belittle us. this is 3 different subs now that i personally have seen you belittle and attempt to demoralize by your words with nothing to offer but a very confident and arrogant statement.

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