[Serious]Clubbers of Reddit (Nightclubs not killing animals), what are your best tips for people new to clubbing?

I've been scrolling this thread and haven't really seen it yet so I think I'll add:

Regardless of gender, keep track of your drink. This probably applies more to girls but either gender can fall prey to creepers, so in general, don't leave your drink unattended. Don't leave it to go dancing unless a friend is watching. Don't leave it at the bar to go to the bathroom assuming no one will touch it.

I have a friend who used to work overseas often during The Cold War in military intelligence. His absolute rule was if his hands and eyes left his drink, he bought a new one. It was never worth it to him as a risk. It's still his rule today, even though he doesn't do that kind of work anymore.

But even if you're not holding state secrets, here are some things that could happen if you leave your drink unattended

  • Spiked drink, the obvious one
  • Some other "fun" drug someone thought you would enjoy mixing booze with which you are not prepared for
  • Someone will steal it, enjoy that $8-10 wasted
  • Drunk idiots will spit in it, spill it, dump some other alcohol in it to see if you notice, hide it as a joke, hold it hostage to get you to talk them when you return, etc. These are all stupid things, right? Well, drunk people are very often very stupid.

And yes I've seen the comment multiple times now that roofied drinks are "mostly myths" - while this may be true, that does not mean you should feel totally comfortable leaving your drinks in the hands of strangers all the time. Mostly myths does not mean it never happens. And while intentional date rape spiking may be rare, the idea that someone might give you something thinking you're going to have a great time with it? Maybe someone sees you and thinks man, they need to loosen up a bit? The intention isn't the same, but the result could still fuck you up haha.

And if you are going to take drugs while clubbing, be aware of how things interact. Don't mix booze with pills if you don't know what the pills are.

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