[Serious] How have you been affected by bullying?

When I was younger I was considered the bully in my grade school. Strangely enough though, I never tried to be. It was a title given to me because I would get into fights with people, not because I would make fun of anyone or take things from people. Most of the time I just wanted to be left alone. There was a lot of family drama going on. I was coping with not being wanted by most of them, and not having any true friends. The one thing having older brothers taught me was how to fight better than other kids my age, and that fighting and violence were the answers to solving my problems. I never started fights, I never picked on people except jokingly. Never stole lunch money or anything cliché other than fighting. Even fighting wasn't something I wanted to be apart of; deep down in my heart I knew I didn't want to hurt anyone. I fought because it was what I knew. It started because one kid made fun of me for years, and after so many years of it (from pre-k to 3rd grade), I snapped and choked him, threw him against a wall and told him to stop. It worked. Then a year later after almost failing out because of depression, I was moved to the public school in town. People started calling me the bully because one day someone smacked me, and I choked him out too. What was weird was how many people wanted to fight me after that. As though they wanted the title of 'bully' or I should say 'top bully' since they were already assholes. There's some strange psychological phenomena that went on that I couldn't grasp, and that I still can't. I got into a few more fights in grade school. The title stuck with me into high school, even though I never truly fought anyone then. Everyone just sort of knew my reputation before I even knew a tenth of the people there. There were real bullies in high school. I guess you'd call them that. A few kids who'd steal from lockers and get into fights every once in a while. But no one went around picking on the band people or science types or anything that I'm aware of. And no one tried to fuck with me. My choice of coats probably helped the matter of people leaving me alone. Though a pea coat is not trench coat (I wore both but teenagers can't tell the difference, and no I was not part of that stupid "mafia"). My family and I don't get along still and we don't talk much. When we do it's all superficial. They still tell me I have anger problems because I don't get along with them. I'd have to say whatever "anger problems" I have now is from having a bad spine and nerve pain for the last 7 years, but this is about bullies, not that.

TL;DR: Older brothers picked on me, teaching me how to fight better. I was the bully without trying to be. Kids picked fights with me to try and be the 'top bully' (maybe so they could be a real bully). I realized how much I never wanted to hurt people. High school came and the reputation stuck, though I didn't get into fights then. Family still thinks I have unresolved anger issues because I avoid them and don't like them.

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