[serious] If someone you knew took steroids and became famous as a direct result of taking steroids, then became an ambassador for drug-free sports saying that they had no place in sports, how would you feel about that person?

I don't think many people get famous "as a direct result of steroids."

Most people in high end sports are on something. Even the not so famous guys. The thing is, they almost all need it to compete with each other at that level.

Those top end athletes are still incredibly genetically gifted, hard working, and dedicated. The steroids are not the key, they're just a piece of the puzzle.

And they don't lie out of shame. They lie because society is oblivious to PED usage as a whole. And it will ruin their career to be open and honest about it. The only sports where PEDs are basically "accepted" and openly discussed at the highest level are Powerlifting and Bodybuilding.

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