[Serious]Parents of Reddit. Have you ever had to make a choice that was good for one kid, but bad for the other? What was it? How did it work out?

My middle son was diagnosed with a rare medical condition that requires him to get treatment every other week for the rest of his life. The hospital he'll be treated at is 2.5 hours away and the treatments will be 5 hours. My job offers more flexibility than my wife's, so I will be the one taking him to his treatments. We have to make this decision. It's the best thing for my middle son and the treatments will make a huge difference in his quality of life, but it obviously means less time to spend with my oldest and youngest. I have also already committed to coaching my middle son's flag football team, so that's even more time spent with him.

He doesn't start treatment until October, but I really hope we are able to make this work out for all of my boys. I plan on doing separate things with my oldest and youngest in order to give them some quality one on one time. I don't want them to feel like they are being left out or are unimportant. They are all very close now and I am a little afraid of having this ruin their relationship.

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