[SERIOUS] Redditors who ended up marrying your high school sweethearts, what is your story?

Tl dr: we were part of a close knit group of friends and with some difficulty and a suspiciously spiteful friend managed to have a happily ever after.

So there were four of us-- me 2 other girls (J and M) and him. We were all best friends through middle and high school. We started dating senior year, but it went badly because J didn't like it. She started saying spiteful things and getting angry about everything and refused to speak to us.

I confronted her about it and assured her that she and I were still best friends and that my having a relationship wasn't going to change that.

Then she informed me that she didn't care about that and she was afraid I was taking HIM away from her.

I was incredibly hurt, I'll tell you. I thought she and I were really close and had no idea that she was so possessive of him. That she would choose him over me so thoughtlessly was really painful.

So her bitching combined with some other things to do with our shyness and inexperience ended that pretty quickly.

Which led to a shitty senior year. He was my best friend and he wouldn't talk to me for months.

Well our group eventually healed and we were all best friends again. We were hanging out again and we cycled back around to old feelings that really had never gone away. We gave it another shot during college. This time J was cool. Everything was fine, but still it wasn't quite right. We were at different schools, were both still too shy to make fire out of sparks, and it petered out.

But it never went away. A year later, we got back together. We had some vodka at a party. My shirt came off. Boom. Fire. Finally it clicked.

But this time J wasn't so cool anymore. She pretended to be, but it didn't take her long to start getting hateful and stop talking to us. We were all roommates. It was really bad. She eventually moved out and skipped the rent without telling us. It was another 6 months before she spoke to us again.

I believe to this day she was in love with him. She outright denies it, but I've known her since we were kids and can read her like a book.

We're married now with 2 kids and 2 cats. Our group is still a group Were getting together this weekend for a bbq.

He's still my best friend, and we're still on fire ;)

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