[Serious]Redditors who have had to kill in self defense, Did you ever recover psychologically? What is it to live knowing you killed someone regardless you didn't want to do it?

I was in a firefight in my own house. I live alone in a 3 bedroom. Around 2:00 AM my dog started growling, and I heard some rumbling coming from outside my bedroom, what seemed like the living room or the kitchen. I grabbed my gun from my nightstand and went to check it out, and my dog (a pitbull) charged ahead of me and took down what I didn't notice before was a silhouette, clamping her jaws on his throat. I then notice the guy had a gun and was reaching for it, I was terrified he was going to kill my dog and myself so I shot him in the head, twice. It was very quick, those shots weren't even a second apart. My dog was still busy, likely thinking he was still alive, with his throat, but then I head footsteps coming from the bedroom across from the living room (opposite side of the bedroom I use). I use that bedroom as a study, so he's likely trying to take my computer and bolt. I call him out and I warn him that I shot his friend and I had no problem shooting him as well. I see a head peak out around the corner, I didn't notice the gun he was holding, and he fired three times. He got me right above the crease where the left armpit ends/begins, and I fired back but I missed. I didn't have time to think about the blood or dying, so I slow stepped around towards the couch (he didn't hear me), and he peaked out again. We both exchanged what was around three or four shots each. Him hitting the couch, me hitting him in the head. Cops were already almost at the door, guns drawn, I proved I was the owner and it was all ruled self defense. When they came in I had to restrain my dog because she thought more intruders were coming, but luckily she didn't mind playing with the dead intruder.

I don't think about it. I can't really, it all happened very quickly, like less than a minute or ninety seconds, but I know that I was justified.

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