Sex feels like work

I have spontaneous desire but it's decreased over the years.

I know the topic of supplements for increasing libido is a world full of snake oil, smoke & mirrors, and pyramid schemes... but having said that, there are some supplements that do improve the odds of spontaneous desire.

I'll just encourage you to do your own research, and odds are anything worth while is available at your local pharmacy for just a few bucks. I sometimes take a cinnamon supplement as it is said to help control appetite and blood sugar. When trying it, I noticed a warming/tingling sensation and was like wait a minute. Sure enough cinnamon is a well known aphrodisiac that is used in a variety of ways to improve desire.

There are also very common vitamin deficiencies that can cause problems with spontaneous desire. The general idea is that if you have a deficiency that it causes a domino effect as your body tries to compensate. So can taking too much of any vitamin! If you have been to the doctor in recent years, there is huge push to check everyone's vitamin D and prescribe a 5000IU/600% daily value supplement. Now studies suggest that taking vitamin D causes a magnesium deficiency (not always easy to test for this one) as the body tries to process the supplement. Healthy magnesium levels are important for one's libido as it impacts hormones.

At the end of the day as the old saying goes, be sure you are eating your vegetables. Lots of leafy greens generally provide magnesium, and many folks simply don't get enough! If you then take Vitamin D without eating your veggies, you are asking for trouble.

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