How is this even my life?!

my frustrations are similar. we get time to ourselves maybe once a week, if not every other week. i don't anticipate each and every single time to be intimate…but, fuck, it would be nice if there were some cuddling, foreplay, teasing- a n y t h i n g.

of course, if i try to initiate, i get rejected. i can't recall the last time i wasn't. meanwhile, he'll find an excuse to take a "long shower" and choose to watch porn instead.

i feel like a jerk. is sex so important that i can't respect his low libido? no. is sex so important that i would leave because our drives aren't the same? no. but i am bothered that porn > me, especially when- unprompted- he insisted that he'd prefer the "real thing" any day of the week.

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