What do you think is the root cause of your dead bedroom situation?

I think my boyfriend is lazy. Like, that is one of the biggest reasons imo. I think he wants to, I quite literally see and feel that I turn him on, but he's just. so. lazy. He went to the doctor a year or so ago for other reasons but showed me his blood test results and it said right there on the paper he has low testosterone. Also, I think it is because he needs time alone more than I do. I think I can be a little bit too much sometimes (I've definitely gotten better as our relationship has gone on, I had to learn his love language you know), I can be clingy and stuff. I think that my desperation is unattractive to him. I've been really really open about how unhappy I am with our sex life, maybe a little too much honestly. I'm not good at keeping my thoughts in my head and I don't think I should. I essentially let my feelings sit for long enough for me to determine if they are worth mentioning or if I'm just over thinking, and if I think it's worth mentioning I will bring it up. He's really bad at communicating and gets uncomfortable with how much I communicate. But like I said, I make him hard all the time. So I know he finds me attractive and wants me. He's just lazy and weird lol

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