I used to post here 9 years ago. Now I have found myself in ANOTHER dead bedroom, but it's actually OK this time.

I am happy that you're happy, OP. It's actually a heartwarming post. I say this as an HLF.

I'm not in a dead bedroom, but would love to have more sex with my husband more often. My libido is the highest it's ever been and I'm loving it. Life is just insane for us and we're so busy, so sometimes, sex takes a backseat. That's ok.

With my ex, I was so miserable with him that I naively thought that if we were only having more sex, he'd be happier and nicer to me. Our problems would magically fade away because sex was really the issue. How silly. It was such an easy issue to put a band-aid on to mask the real problems.

But I have accepted that my libido is likely unmatched regardless of relationship dynamics, and so long as my partner is loving, kind, and the best person I can ever imagine being with, then I can accept less sex than I'd ideally be having because I can't imagine being happier regardless. And I'm beyond lucky to have the best friend, confidant, and husband that I could ever have dreamed of.

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