Should I be friends with an ex-girlfriend who struggles with PTSD

Well I'm glad you're not Jeff.

That relationship was so fucked up. She was super lazy and exploited her victim status to get him to pay for, well, her existence basically. This ended up with him resenting the fuck out of her because he'd go to work and come home and do all of the cooking and cleaning and basically everything while she sat around and smoked pot and watched cartoons.

He'd just get really mad at her and get really mean. Really really mean. It fucked her up even worse than she was before, just piled a bunch of new self-worth issues on top of what was already there.

So that made her do less and less.

Which in turn made him resent her more and more.

That feedback loop went until they broke up. It was bad. They stopped talking. Then they started talking again, just to resolve things. Then once things got resolved they became friends because it seemed silly to stay mad. Then they got back together because she had a job and her shit together and all that.

Then it happened again, pretty much the same thing.

Don't let it happen to the two of you. If that sounds similar make like Kanye and runaway

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