SJWs and Antifa are as bad as the Nazis and fascists they claim to hate.

First of all, SJW is a term that was invented to make social justice look and sound abhorrent. Drop this shit from your vocabulary if you ever want to be taken seriously outside of alcoholic hillbilly circlejerks of grunt workers that are gleefully indenturing themselves to billionaires.

Second, if we have a group of people that outwardly want gay people, black people, Jews and people who just want to get healthcare without having to remortgage their homes dead, arrested, deported, alienated and stripped of rights... no, they aren’t on par with anyone that opposes them.

If you’re incapable of dissecting the issues with more depth than how mildly annoyed you are, sorry to say... you’re the real problem. People that sit there bitching about the red herrings when people are actually being damaged by real people engaged in real violence.

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