Solo Shroom trip

I've had about a dozen solo trips...

I'd recommend staying at your place for the first time in case of a bad trip.

Best to me is:
- Unplug the general plug in your bedroom. No leds, pitch black.
- Try to get speakers with active noise reduction
- That might sound stupid but get naked
- Lay down on your bead in the most confortable position you can find. Wait until uou don't feel your body anymore
- Meditate, with or without music. Shamanic drum is really good to get in trance to.

This is how I reach ego death and have out of body experience, mind/body disociation, and all the stuff. Visuals on shrooms are fun but they are not that strong, it's mostly spiritual. Sencory deprivation + meditation + drums.

Also if you have a garden, try to go there and if you have shamanic predispotitions, you will probably be visited by trees, birds, whatever. On my first trip I spend like 20 minutes sitting down in front of a tree. Totally changed my relation to nature.

Have fun !

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