[Spoiler] Alex Ich Varus Collateral - Misfits vs Magnetic Highlight

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Gambit Genja Does the Job on Varus Again 31 - He would, my friend, he would
Gambit vs SK @ LCS EU Summer Week Nine: I will do the job 15 - Yes, clearly
How Alex Ich Counters The Best Zed EU (Bjergsen) ? 9 - you are right my friend beck in time when bjerg played in EU, bjerg is always 3rd/4th mid laner in EU, Alex, Froggen and xPeke are better then Bjerg, today there is new generation of EU mid laners better then Bjerg too (Febiven, PowerOfEvil, Fox(may...
NA LCS 2015: Alex Ich "I have proven that I'm a good player." 2 - Classic reddit, upvoting the guy with the counter point. Alex asked for a mid lane tryout at the start of season 5 and was declined from clg. Then when he subbed for tdk while he was with misfits he said he was sad teams like clg and c9 didn't ...

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