[Spoiler] OGN Spring Post-Match Discussion // Week 8 Day 2 - SK Telecom T1 vs KT Rolster

People simply don't realize something is good for one reason or another sometimes. It has a lot to do with preconceptions.

Urgot could become a top tier pick (Either through meta change, buffs, or things that beat him being nerfed) and because of his reputation people wouldn't be inclined to give him a chance.

This is just hypothetically of course, but the reasoning behind it is true. AP Yi and AP Corki are both an example of that.

Both were seen as soloqueue troll picks and not viable for competitive player. Scarra (Who has always been about odd picks) and Alex Ich (Strong, open minded player) were required for people to see their strength in competitive and get Yi hit with the nerf bat.

Much like AP Corki, people didn't realize how strong he was because his AP Ratios are low. It took the CDR interaction with his rockets (Lowering both time between shots and how fast rocket ammo was acquired), and the right magic pen build with that CDR for people to realize that doing 400 aoe damage poke every second, with near infinite ammo and constant big ones, was too good.

Meteos saw this in one of his games and exclaimed "This is just like Nidalee only on zero cd with a blast radius, holy shit ap corki is op".

So basically, all it takes is the right someone to realize the potential and try it out. If they showcase what it can do, others will take notice and start thinking of it themselves.

Only thing stopping them is they don't have a lot of time to try literally anything and be an innovator, they need to practice what's meta rather than inventing the meta, that's the safe option. Pro competitors at anything, E-Sports being no exception, are renowned for being prideful and stubborn as well.

That's the same reason it took many teams so long to get a coach. Many players literally said things like "He doesn't play the game, how does he know any better than me" etc. Sometimes they simply won't listen.

So, sometimes it's not about the meta or there being a good reason for it. Sometimes it's just a "I never considered that before but it seems good" kind of deal.

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