[SPOILERS] Post-Episode Discussion - Season 8 Episode 5

  • “iTs WHaT tHeY dO” - The show is brilliant, but this episode really wasn’t. Friends trying to justify the writers vision of “its what they do, they let you believe one thing and do another” - and I agree it is what they do, but this episode was rushed and irritating. Dany’s character has been continually built as a saviour, rescuing the downtrodden by any means. Something shown for the past 7 seasons. Yet it took two episodes to completely destroy her character, with very little dialogue and at the same time victimise Cerci. “It’s what they do” would work if this had had great character development like the characters in the past (Tyrion, Jaimie, Theon ect.). Instead they’ve just turned her into what she swore she would never become in such a short amount of time whilst also discrediting the unsullied and northerners moral code. Shit writing, shit episode; the last episode is the only way of a balancing it out, because this was poor.
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