"Start the change at home."

I hesitate to even post this comment because I'm aware my experience is limited. But I'd encourage any of you, if you have the opportunity, speak to some actual native-born black Africans. You may find their opinion of "African-American" culture interesting to say the least. Over the course of my 25 year career, I've been fortunate to work with 3 native born Africans. Two from South Africa, one from Kenya. Some of the smartest, hardest working guys I've known. The things they've shared with me in conversations sound very similar to the woman in this video. That any real change in the black/african-american segment of the US has to come from within that community first and foremost. Mainly the "thug/ghetto" and "all my problems are because of the white man" culture. Anyway, I'm aware these 3 guys weren't the unified voice of the whole African continent. But seeing this woman speak reminded me of them.

I 100% agree we need some serious changes in the US, but it's got to be a unified movement where we all, as citizens and countrymen, realize that we all shoulder some of the blame for where we are today. And all shoulder some of the responsibility to move forward to a better place.

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