i struggle with racism im in the kkk

your ancestors

You don't know if his ancestors did that. Most white people came to America through Ellis Island after slavery ended. Most white people didn't own slaves. I'm not white so please don't think that I'm defending them because of bias, but you can't make such hurtful generalizations.

treating them like shit

Again more generalizations. There are MANY white people who feel guilty about the past and try their best not to be racist towards blacks even though they are not guilty for the crimes of the past. My parents are immigrants and I've seen a lot of kindness from white people. To me, they are one of the few people's on earth who would allow people so different than them to come in large numbers and live amongst them (although I haven't had much experience with whites from the south).

And not to be rude, but there are plenty of racist and hateful Jewish extremists. The root of today's crimes in the black community can be traced back to poverty and lack of education due to racism, segregation, and slavery, but that isn't the whole picture today. You have to take into account the glamorization and promotion of crime through black pop-culture.

If you grow up your whole life listening to violent lyrics and constantly seeing your community members do bad things, then chances are you will pick up on those habits. I feel like the type of rhetoric you used in your comment is divisive, poisonous, and tries to manipulate the guilt white americans have.

In my opinion, the collective guilt is enough for forgiveness (even though they aren't guilty of the crimes of the past). Just look at countries like Turkey where they are still passive agressive to Armenians and deny their suffering. The modern Turks aren't guilty but it's extending the hurt of that period by overwhelmingly denying history.

Humans do bad things to eachother. We have a lot of evil and animalistic/terretorial tendencies. People who lived without the science and education of today associated with people who looked like them and attacked others who were different. EVERY MAJOR GROUP HAS DONE THIS.

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