Teenage boys would benefit from watching less porn and masturbating

Don't think you understand what I've said. Its not a blog post of some random person ranting. It's a collection of different excerpts/summaries from various studies/research papers/ books written by doctors on the topic. Its not exactly a new thing. I also have a master of science degree and know how researching works. How about you give some evidence to back your claims? Other than "do your own research". This is what anti-vaxxers say when you present them evidence that the vaccine works, like saying "nope try again until you find the one agreeing with ME, no I won't just link it to you, you just have to trust me that it exists and eventually you will find it". Then you say "The effects of orgasms on the human brain are poorly understood by scientist" do you have a source for this one? and then what, you think understand it better? You just seem mad someone is critical of your addiction. You're so insecure you need everyone to validate your choices. Go jerk off 5 times a day bro, I don't care, but stop spreading misinformation saying its a good thing and everyone else who is against it are crazy people.

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