TFAB's Weekly BFP Post - November 24, 2019. Got your BFP? Post your story here!

**Cycle:** 2 after misscarriage - 8 months trying

**Age + Partner's age (if relevant):** 31F 35M

**Typical cycle length:** 33-35 days

**Ovulation cycle day:** 20 

**CD/DPO of positive test(s):** 11 dpo

**Tracking methods and app(s) used:** Ava 

**Relevant days of sperminating and/or method (SMEP, TI, IUI, FET, etc.):** O-7, O-5, O-4, O-3, O-2, O-1, and on O

**Health conditions/medical tests:** DH has UC 

**Supplements and medications (yours and/or your partner’s):** prenatal, iron, womens 1 a day, mens 1 a day, entivyo infusion every 3 months

**Birth control history (if relevant):** never on BC

**Link to chart:**

**Link to lineporn:**

**Symptom spotting:** some sore boobs and tingles 

**Other (advice/tip(s), freaking out, miscellaneous):** because i already had a misscarriage theres limited excitment..i think itll hit me when i see a good ultrasound result!!

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