There isn't a job shortage, there’s a shortage of adequate pay

This. I worked for two multi-billion dollar corporations after high school, and this is the issue without a doubt. There is an alarming rate of managerial dumbassery at both of the places, and not the normal “my boss doesn’t know shit” kind of ignorant that most people throw around regardless of how severe the trespass against them, but rather the “I have no clue what anything is but will pretend otherwise no matter what you say” kind.

This, in a vacuum, wouldn’t be an issue, but the people hiring, firing, and steering the ship are (more often than not) completely lost, yet they know it could cost them their job—or worse—their power. I’m currently at a smaller company dealing in renewable energy, and it has similar issues, albeit less intrusive to me personally because I can now work remotely, leaving some room to not have to face these sorts of folks on a day-to-day basis.

I’ve got a million stories of how I have been treated poorly and how the people I was responsible for leading were often left to suffer in some way do to arrogant, ignorant pricks who knew NOTHING about what they were asking these people to do, nor did they care to try. At one point early in my previous corporate career, I overheard a group of supervisors laughing amongst themselves as they talked about firing a “problematic” associate.

All 3 were doofuses, and the associate they fired happened to be vocal about her dissatisfaction in how people were treated. It’s disgusting.

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