Those who have had an encounter with the paranromal, what was it like?

My name is Ozzie Graham and I am a journalist. I traveled to Beacon, New York to write a piece on a support group, "StarCrossed", for survivors of alien encounters. Although skeptical at first, I realized the truth of the group's claims when I began to recall similar experiences. I eventually quit my job and moved to Beacon to further investigate the town's strange occurrences, as well as resolve issues in my past related to my possible abduction.

I gradually learned that my employer, Jonathan Walsh, was a reptilian in disguise. Jonathan, who considers me a friend since he abducted me (when I was young), explained that the Trinity Federation, an alliance among three races of extra-terrestrials (greys, whites, and reptilians), was sent many years ago to conquer Earth under reptilian leadership. However, in his time on Earth, Jonathan has developed sympathy for humans and wanted to expose the truth about the invasion, so he hoped to persuade his alien coworkers and the humans he called friends to help.

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