I think it should follow the same theme and history as sange and yasha. Both are made from a +10 stat item, +6 stat item, and a recipe for a total of 2100. Both also have three types of modifiers: stat increase, dps increase, relative move speed increase (maim slows enemy, hence makes you relatively faster part of the time). In terms of history, sange and yasha were named after swords from phantasy star online. It would be cool to follow that history by naming it after an item from the same game (doesn't have to be a sword). For reference, here's the stats for sange and yasha separately and together:

Sange Stat change: +16 str DPS change: +10 dmg Speed Change: Lesser Maim (15% proc each attack on enemy, 20% move slow, 20 atk spd slow, 4s duration)

Yasha Stat change: +16 agi DPS change: +15 atk speed Speed change: +10% Movement Speed

sange/yasha stat change: +16 str, +16 agi DPS change: +16 dmg, +16 atk speed Speed change: +16% move speed, Greater maim (16% proc each attack on enemy, 32% move slow, 32 atk spd slow, 5s duration)

Following these trends, I propose the following:

Ampersand (following top comment, I'm not sure what else to call it; gonna need a PSO fan to help out) Builds from: Staff of wizardry (1000g), Robe of the magi (450g), Recipe (600g) Stat change: +16 int DPS change: +10 magic or pure damage each auto attack Speed change: Lesser Ward (15% proc when auto attacked by enemy, 20% move slow, 20 atk spd slow, 4 s duration)

Then naturally, the different combinations:

sange/ampersand stat change: +16 str, +16 int DPS change: +16 dmg, +16 magic/pure Speed change: Greater Ward (16%, 32%, 32, 5s), Greater Maim (16%, 32%, 32, 5s)

ampersand/ yasha stat change: +16 agi, +16 int DPS change: +16 atk speed, +16 magic/pure Speed change: +16% move speed, Greater Ward( 16%, 32%, 32, 5s)

sange/ampersand/yasha stat change: +20 all stats DPS change: +20 dmg, +20 atk speed, +20 magic/pure Speed change: +20% move speed, Greatest Maim ( 20%, 40%, 40%, 6s) Greatest Ward (20%, 40%, 40%, 6s)

The numbers can be adjusted for balancing purposes of course, and I'm not so sure on the Ward passive. Could also just increase move speed by a flat amount rather than percent like yasha. In terms of the Manta/HH equivalent, I think it should involve either the ghost scepter (only used so far for eblade) or talisman of evasion (for the int based evasion item). Not sure what the specifics should be in either case.

tl;dr see bold for my proposed "int" variant of sange and yasha.

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