Completely torn on what to do

I feel dogs are super different from babies. Dogs kinda start pretty advanced when compared to a baby (dont need you to support their neck lol) and then kinda just plateau in terms of skills and training them to do things is an extra, an optional, not something you feel is important for them to learn as independent grownup dogs getting their own jobs and mortgage.

Kids are super delicate and difficult at first, but then change every two weeks and learn even without you teaching. one day they can't hold their head up, and then they are pointing at things they want you to bring to them. they flip over and can't get back one day, and suddenly they are holding on to furniture and walking. They smile and laugh when you do things you like, like singing your favorite song. It's a high level of engagement as compared to dogs and also high reward. The first 2-3 years are insanely rewarding if you're motivated by that kind of thing.

I'm usually not a patient person, but I'm pretty patient with my child somehow. My husband is also pretty impatient with things, but he's usually patient with people, and extra extra patient with our daughter. It's because we see the results of patience and how much it pays off. And you also realize there's no reason to be impatient. If things are a struggle, it's usually the other things that are the issue, not the baby. Not everyone groks that, but enough do.

So do think about things in terms of what exactly makes him impatient about dogs and see how that would apply to babies.

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