TIL in Anchorage, Alaska, many large animals, such as moose, are hit by vehicles. While Motorists get first rights to roadkill; Charity groups sign up to collect large roadkill and the meat is donated to the needy.

Hitch hiking once along Denali highway, met such a fellow. The kind driver that picked me up had a moose in the back of his truck. I had to ask him, figured he was a hunter. He was, but he hadn’t shot that moose, he happened to be on call, local police would call him when a roadkill moose was seen, get it off highway before it caused another accident. He didn’t work for a charity organization though... he was bringing it to a bar his friend owned. All his buddies were eating good that night he told me. I wasn’t that thrilled with the idea of eating road kill, but to each his own I thought. It’s cool, this guys giving me a lift. After he had mentioned again how great it was going to be I had to ask. Any reason this moose was going to taste so good? He explained that the moose he was carrying was pregnant.....”friend, you’ll never taste anything so good as moose fetus.” I turned down the invite, I had a mountain to see. Part of me regrets not eating a secret delicacy, a bigger part of me doesn’t.

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