TIL a serial killer in New Orleans stated he would kill again on the night of March 19, 1919, but would spare the occupants of any place where a jazz band was playing. On that night, all dance halls reached capacity and amateur bands played jazz at hundreds of house parties. There were no murders.

You'd be the only one.

Coven was a joke. It was a campy mess with convoluted story lines. I posted this when I was talking about Coven on another forum:

That was the biggest issue with Coven. You just couldn't take it seriously. There was never a sense of tension or concern for the characters. Compare what you felt towards any character in Coven to the family in Murder House, the patients/murder victims in Asylum, or the freaks/murder victims in Freak Show. It just doesn't match up. Coven could have worked a women's empowerment/anti-slavery plot but instead they made both a big dumb joke.

Like why not make the Coven sisters actually like each other and care about defending the Coven? Make LaLaurie's storyline that she was an uber-powerful witch who tortured slaves to gain more powers, then make the descendants of those slaves the Voodoo Coven who then turn into the modern day rival of the Witch's Coven. Have LaLaurie's character sway the Witch's Coven towards racism by kicking Queenie out and going to serious war with the Voodoo Coven wherein characters die and stay dead. Have the Witch's Coven realize that LaLaurie's evil and twisting them towards going to war to kill the descendants of her slaves and work something in there that the more witches who die, the stronger LaLaurie becomes. Make both Covens come together to defeat her, make LaLaurie super powerful so it actually puts some of the main characters to the test. If you need to have the Witchhunters in still, at least make them dangerous, like really fucking dangerous. Have them murder Lange or Bassett's character to drive home the point of how good they are at downing witches. Make the final episode a big fight-fest between the Voodoo and Witch's Coven vs the Witchhunters. Have them come out at the end of the episode to the world united together and unafraid of how society thinks of them. Bam, anti-racism/women's empowerment done without all the crap that muddled the plot line and lessened the message they were trying to get across.

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