Do tires have to be aligned

It’s fairly common to see more bottom mid with a good 2-2, that makes more power where a lot of riders need it. Most 2-2 pipes work better than rinehart 2-1s with any cam over lap, just about anything works better than a 2-1 big radius.

This is all the same bike and engine build all tuned to suit the pipe. All the same top end, the 2-2 kills both through most of the rev range.

This is a tbr 2-1 on an fxfbs, and a freedom 2-2 on an fxbrs, both have the same cam and air cleaner, the heavier wheel on the fxbrs results in lower hp figures yet, other than a blip at 5500 rpm resulting in less than 2% more peak, the 2-2 is a better choice.

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